Living Life On Your Own Terms

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There are many people out there in the world who want you to live according to their rules.  Most people never realize the extent to which the moral codes and legal strictures of their governments are reigning them in and holding them back.  They've been domesticated and turned into mindless sheep who merely do what they're told.

This kind of indoctrination has a long history.  While many of the restrictive rules of the past have been overturned, you can still see their vestiges.  Rules about selling alcohol, laws about sexual practices, and allowable speech all shape society.

Wouldn't it be nice to say enough with all that and live life on your own terms?  It isn't a fantasy.  If you are willing to think with an open mind about your life, you will find that living on your own terms is a very real possibility.

All you need to do is start thinking as though you were your own sovereign individual instead of a possessed citizen of the country where you currently live.  As a sovereign individual, you get to choose where you live.  You can find a culture that fits your true nature, or one that is indifferent to individual natures completely.

For example, if you live in a reserved Northern European nation but have an outgoing soul, you might love a move to Latin America.  You will be able to indulge your love of socialization without feeling as though you are a societal outcast.  Being around others who share your lifestyle preferences will be a liberating and enjoyable experience.

The same goes for those with truly independent hearts.  Southeast Asia might tempt you as a playground.  In Laos, the customs officials don't care what you take in or out of the country.  They are rather indifferent to what you do while you are there as well.  In next door Thailand or Cambodia, not only do they not care if you follow traditional rules, but they will even offer a number of delectable ways to throw them aside.

These are just a few of the choice available to you.  Don't be a domesticated pawn of the establishment.  Live life on your own terms in the country of your choosing.

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Living Life On Your Own Terms

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This article was published on 2009/08/05